Matéflex Modular Floors

The Original Modular Waterproof Flooring

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The Original Modular basement waterproof flooring.

It all adds up to highly functional, specialized flooring solutions brought to you by America's premier manufacturer of modular waterproof flooring. Mateflex is an excellent choice for any sport or specialized flooring application. Premier Basement flooring applications. (11).jpg

Performance and Durability

When it comes to enhancing your basement, you want to create a beautiful and comfortable solution that also offers performance and durability. Matéflex modular flooring is best installed over concrete or asphalt surfaces, and since your basement floor is likely already a concrete surface, these tiles can easily be installed without further changes. While the tiles can be slippery when wet, the good news is that our tiles typically dry quicker than traditional surfaces and are not affected by moisture. Our durable flooring performs year after year, providing you great value for your money. (12).jpg

Highly Functional

Matéflex modular flooring combines luxury vinyl flooring with the versatility and strength of raised modular tiles, making it an ideal solution for your basement. The unique construction allows for airflow, protecting the surface from potential dampness. You’ll be glad to know that not only is our modular basement flooring highly functional, but you can also easily disassemble it and take it with you when you move!

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Expansion Joint Technology

Expansion joint technology allows our tiles to be flexible and conform better to uneven sub-surfaces, providing a more consistent performance. When properly fastened, the tiles are designed to expand and contract within their own footprint, eliminating any concerns with thermal expansion. While there likely isn’t a lot of thermal expansion in your basement, you can understand what a great feature this is when the temperatures shift from summer to winter and back. In fact, this is one of the great features that makes this product a solid option for outdoor installations as well! (13).jpg

Quality Indoor Solution

There are a wide number of ways to use the space in your basement. From a workout space and movie theater to a recreation room and more, you need a quality indoor solution for your basement floor. Matéflex modular flooring is ideal for all of these options and more due to its unique construction that allows for airflow, which keeps potential dampness away from the surface. Each tile is a single, snap-together unit for easy installation, making it the perfect flooring option when it comes to replacing individual tiles or taking the whole floor with you when you move!

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