Fast Track System

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Rapid Flow Design

Tired of dealing with flooding in your basement? Looking for solutions that are tried, true, and effective? Fast Track’s unique design creates a rapid flow with ⅕ the amount of water needed to create the same flow in a traditional pipe-and-gravel system! Corrugated pipes were used in these older systems and large amounts of water would accumulate before there was enough volume to cause it to begin to flow to the sump pump. (3).jpg

Self-Filtering Slits

You want your basement to give you the extra living space that it was intended to provide. If you’re constantly dealing with flooding, however, you’d probably rather forget the fact that you have a basement. One of the great features of the Fast Track System is that it uses filtration slits rather than holes, which can commonly allow sediment into the channel. By reducing the amount of sediment in the channel, the water will flow more freely to the sump pump.

Dry-4-Life Warranty

All Basement waterproofing systems include our Dry-4-Life Warranty.

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Clog-Free Channel

A great way to picture the design of the Fast Track System is to picture an upside down wedding cake. The design is intentional to reduce the amount of water that must fill the space before it can drain to the next section. It also reduces the number of clogs that can happen. The Fast Track hybrid design uses concave side walls, which protects the slits from sediment, which could cause compaction to the sides of the system. (4).jpg

Less Digging & Trenching

One of the best features you’ll love about Fast Track is that it requires less digging and trenching than traditional pipe and gravel systems. While the installation is similar to traditional systems, you’ll be glad to know that Fast Track requires much less in terms of depth and width for the trench. The system uses the same dimensions as a 2×4 stud. Each section is a rigid 6-foot long channel and snaps together using connectors. Since the corners are universal, they can work as inside or outside corners. The main sections are rigid to eliminate peaks and valleys on the way to the drain source.

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