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Basement Flooding From The Floorboards

Heavy rain and burst pipes can cause unnecessary water in your basement, which can seep through the cracks between where the floorboards meet the wall. If you start to notice damp areas in your house’s corners, it’s important to rethink and reassess your basement waterproofing methods. Our Aquatic Resource professionals can help no matter what!

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Standing Water Puddles On Your Floorboards

It’s possible for residential basement flooding to appear in the middle of your flooring, with puddles filling up in areas with no discernible rhyme or reason. This sort of damage from water in your basement can cause the floorboards and flooring materials themselves to deteriorate and be ruined with an excessive amount of moisture.

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Water Damage From Non-Water Resistant Materials

If your home’s internal and external structure doesn’t utilize waterproof or water-resistant materials, it’s possible for water damage to appear and become a large problem. It’s also possible for existing water-resistant materials to deteriorate over time if exposed to too much basement flooding. If you notice continuous water in your basement, it’s time to invest in a long-term solution.

Prevent Damage Before More Occurs

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Evidence Of Plumbing Or Drainage Issues

If your Massachusetts home experiences any plumbing or similar drainage issues, there can be signs of basement flooding and excessive water in the basement. Moisture may be seen seeping from the interior of your walls and leaking down onto your flooring.

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Fast Tack System To Prevent Basement Flooding

If you start to notice your basement flooding from the crevices between your floorboards and the wall, our Watercraft Basement Solutions’ Fast Track System is a tried and true way to stop the issue. The idea behind this solution is to reduce a large amount of floodwater from pooling and thus draining into an area where it shouldn’t. Not only does this prevent unnecessary digging and trenching, but it’s also affordable!

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Mateflex Modular Floors For Extra Protection

Enhance your basement today with an extra layer of material designed to improve performance and durability, thus increasing your overall basement waterproofing efforts. The Mateflex Modular Flooring system from Aquatic Resources Contractors is perfect for preventing pools of water showing up on top of your existing flooring; this addition protects the surface from dampness while also looking wonderful!

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Get Patent-Pending Permaflex Epoxy Sealing

For the ultimate tool in basement waterproofing, the PermaFlex Epoxy Sealing from Aquatic Resources Contractors is designed to be a professional sealant, preventing water from penetrating through your home’s interior walls and floors. After it is applied, this add-on remains strong without bubbling, peeling, or delaminating.

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Cove Base Solutions For Basement Floors & Walls

Provide an extra, sturdy layer of protection in case of plumbing and drainage issues with the Cove Base Solutions from Aquatic Resources Contractors! This approach to presenting basement flooding prevents any moisture from spreading and creating more damage while the problem is identified and dealt with.

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FAST TRACK Waterproofing Systems

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JET CLEAN Self Cleaning basement waterproofing system

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Epoxy waterproofing Sealant Solutions