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Seal Once Basement System & Waterproof Basements In Massachusetts

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Seal Once Basement System

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Get The DIY Seal Once Basement System With Watercraft Basement Solutions

Updating your Massachusetts home in order to achieve a waterproof basement can be achieved easily and smoothly with Cove Base Solutions from Watercraft Basement Solutions. The idea behind this flooding solution is to install a vinyl “base” or “skirt” to the bottom of any given wall, thus adding more protection throughout the room. These add-ons can also be personalized and painted to match your home’s existing decor. This quick, DIY backup solution is an easy system designed to prevent unwanted water from seeping into your basement’s living space. Contact our specialists today to learn more!

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How To Apply Cove Base Solutions

Get the waterproof basement you’ve always wanted with the Seal Once Basement System, capable of being installed quickly whenever you need. Follow the simple steps below to better understand how you as a homeowner can protect your basement from potential flooding and displaced water:

  1. Line the baseboards with adhesive. Once you have acquired your vinyl baseboard to place at the bottom of your wall, apply the Seal Once adhesive to the wall-facing side. Ensure enough is applied to create a solid attachment.

  2. Carefully put the baseboards in place. Once the adhesive is applied, place the Cover Base Solution boards in place at the bottom of each affected wall. Ensure each piece lines up with one another to avoid creating large cracks.

  3. Get rid of any air bubbles & cover up cracks. Carefully go over each baseboard to eliminate any air bubbles and to ensure a clean stick. Prevent any future leaks by placing a smaller baseboard over each crack.

  4. Leave to dry.

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Get more information on how to apply this folding solution and how to best achieve a waterproof basement. Watercraft Basement Solutions is proud to help homeowners across Massachusetts protect their assets and maintain peace of mind through all sorts of heavy weather. Contact us today to get started!

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